What is the full form of CGI?

Full form of CGI: Here, we are going to learn what does CGI stands for? CGI – which is an abbreviation of "Common Gateway Interface" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CGI: Common Gateway Interface

CGI is an abbreviation of the "Common Gateway Interface". It is an interface specification defined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), through which a web server passes a Web user's request to command-line interface programs for the implementation of programs running on a web server that dynamically creates web pages, and to accept that request's acknowledgment data back to pass on to the user. It is a component of the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which makes available a reliable mode for data to be passed from the web client user's request to the application program and back to the user through a web server by taking the reliable mode of HTTP.

Advantages of CGI

Some of the advantages of CGI are,

  • As the attributes of the CGI, which are complied with rules and standards followed up by languages, sites, and web pages, the application programs are allowed to be coded in any language on any web page.
  • During the processing of web client request, CGI's are safe and protected as a reliable mode to pass the data to the application program and brings back the data to the webserver.
  • At present in contrast to java, the highly developed tasks are very much unchallenging and effortless to carry out and implement in CGI.
  • In a huge amount, there is an accessible CGI code library that can be reprocessed for the simple given tasks.

Disadvantages of CGI

Some of the disadvantages of CGI are,

  • During the processing of web client requests, every time there is a requirement of a new database connection, which makes the whole process of passing of data through web server slow and expensive.
  • In the processing, data, in general, cannot be simply cached in memory during page loads or when a new independent process starts because of the HTTP request.
  • In the case of each Hypertext Transfer Protocol request, the CGI program splits and starts a new independent process, which takes up a huge amount of memory of web server for the processing of data.
  • Every web page server data load acquires operating and maintenance costs through Common Gateway Interface by having to load the application programs into the server's memory.

Reference: Common Gateway Interface

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