What is the full form of CH?

Full form of CH: Here, we are going to learn what does CH stands for? CH – which is an abbreviation of "CollegeHumor" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CH: CollegeHumor

CH is an abbreviation of :CollegeHumor". It is a company that provides comedy content on the internet. It's headquarter is situated in Los Angeles. The company also produces content to publish on his YouTube channel with the name CollegeHumor. It was also a former humor website, which possessed by an American holding company, InterActiveCorp (IAC). In January 2020, IAC took down its funding and the humor website got close down and turned out to a halt. After that, CollegeHumor only keeps on its YouTube channel and its streaming service, Dropout by releasing humor comedy based content.

CollegeHumor History

  • In December 1999, the site of CollegeHumor was created by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen, by taking the assistance from the web developer Jake Lodwick.
  • In August 2006, CollegeHumor, along with its parent company, Connected Ventures, was acquired by Barry Diller's IAC.
  • In 2014, CollegeHumor secured rank at number 76 in the listing of New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels.
  • On September 26, 2018, Dropout is introduced by CollegeHumor. It is a subscription media service provider that comprises uncensored original shows, animated series, and a variety of other types of media comprising comics and fictionalized chat conversations.
  • In January 2020, IAC (owner of the website) taken down its funding and the humor website got close down and turned out to a halt.

CollegeHumor Features

  • Under the CH Originals banner, original videos based on humor comedy are created by CollegeHumor.
  • The CollegeHumor site introduces a huge compilation of viral videos offered by users, which includes home movies, bizarre sports highlights, sketches, etc. One month in advance of being released on YouTube, these viral videos get introduced on the site.
  • The image section of the CollegeHumor site promotes photographs offered by users.
  • Original writing stuff posted by CollegeHumor is given by its staff and users, which comprises humor based essays, weekly columns based on sports, video games, comics, dating, etc.

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