What is the full form of CHAR?

Full form of CHAR: Here, we are going to learn what does CHAR stands for? CHAR – which is an abbreviation of "Character" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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Char: Character

Char is an abbreviation of "Character". A character is any type of letter, numerical digit, whitespace, punctuation mark, or a symbol in the form of syllabary or alphabet that can be put through typing on the system of the computer. They are usually merged in the form of strings.

In the process of illustration of characters, encoding sets are used by computers. By using specific binary order in the computer, characters are recognized, as computers only comprehend binary code.

Categories of Characters

Characters are classified into number of categories, which are given below in the following:


  • A letter is a form of grapheme. They are alphabet based characters.
  • In English writing system, they are classified into two types; lowercase and uppercase characters ranges from "A" to "Z", which overall 26 letters or characters. By the merging of letters forms words, and by the merging of words forms sentences.
  • "Character" is a generalized term that includes letters along with additional features.


  • A symbol is used as a mark, sign, or word.
  • A number of symbols are present on the standard keyboards at the same time as other symbols may require to get insert through software instead of by using hardware piece of equipment, for example, "$" represent dollar symbol, "%" represent percentage symbol, "*" represent multiplication symbol etc.


  • A number is used to perform counting, measuring and labeling.
  • A number in the form of symbols called as numerals or numerical digits, such as "4" represent four and “6” represent six.

Non-Printable Characters:

  • A number of characters are "indiscernible", which do not get displayed on a screen by performing some operation, function or activity on a computer.
  • Examples of "indiscernible” types of characters are "escape" key, "enter" key, "tab" key etc.


  • Emojis are a form of minute images and "smileys" that are components of the Unicode Technical Standard, which are executed by using some keys or specific symbols on the majority of Computers, Smartphones, and other related devices.
  • In the preceding decade, Emojis gets recognized because of their depiction of cool, enjoyable, and distinctive visual character and their ease of access on Smartphone.

Reference: Character (computing)

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