What is the full form of CHS?

Full form of CHS: Here, we are going to learn what does CHS stands for? CHS – which is an abbreviation of "Cylinder-Head-Sector" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CHS: Cylinder-Head-Sector

CHS is an abbreviation of "Cylinder-Head-Sector". It is an initial technique for providing addresses to each and every single physical block of data on a hard disk drive. The hard disk drive is a 3D-coordinated system, which gets divided into three different coordinates, vertical, horizontal, and angular.

These three coordinates of hard disk drive 3D-coordinated system gets addressed by:

  • Head (vertical coordinate)
  • Cylinder (horizontal coordinate)
  • Sector (angular coordinate)

The segment of Headcovers the circular facet; a rotating metal disk turning section of the hard disk drive. The segment of Cylinder covers the collection of the pile of all the rotating metal disks turning sections, which revolved around the spindle of the hard disk drive. By merging both Head and Cylinder in conjunction, the criss-cross junction meets at a circular strip of the stack of all the physical data blocks called the track. The segment of the Sector makes the selection of data blocks, which to be addressed in the given track and which can be taken into vision as slightly as an angular component.


The Head defines as the circular facet segment of a Hard disk drive, which can read and write data by controlling and operating skillfully the magnetic channel of the hard disk drive that creates the attached disk platter facet. It generally consists of eight read-write heads, each read-write head on the top and bottom of each platter, if the hard drive disk consists of four platters.


The Cylinder defines as the collection of the pile of all the platters, which is used in the CHS addressing method of approach of a Fixed Block Architecture disk or the cylinder–head–record (CCHHR) addressing method of approach of a CKD disk.

The number of tracks on one side of hard drive disk’s each platter gives the value of a cylinder. On every platter, it includes the same track number, which covers the course of the length of the entire such tracks on every division of each facet of platter that is capable of storing data. The tracks are used vertically to establish a Cylinder.


The Sector defines as a segment, that makes the selection of data blocks, which to be addressed in the given track and which can be taken into vision as slightly as an angular component. At present, the highly widespread size of a physical sector for each and every hard disk is 512 bytes.

Reference: Cylinder head sector

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