What is the full form of CIDR?

Full form of CIDR: Here, we are going to learn what does CIDR stands for? CIDR – which is an abbreviation of "Classless Inter-Domain Routing" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CIDR: Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CIDR is an abbreviation of "Classless Inter-Domain Routing". It is a specified arrangement of Internet protocol (IP) standards, which is used in the allocation process of IP addresses and also in the process of routing IP's.

Classification of IP addresses

The classification of IP addresses are divided into two sections of bits, which are used in the course of IP networks as the source of traffic routing and for guiding principles of the allocation process of address:

  • The network prefix: These types of bits are the highly considerable bits, which recognize the entire network or subnet.
  • The host identifier: These types of bits are the slightest considerable bits, which identifies a distinct interface that comes under a host on a particular network.


A variety of abstract ideas are confined by CIDR, in which one of the ideas known as variable-length subnet masking (VLSM) is the basis of it, which enables the parameter of prefixes of variable length and also enables a network to be disjoined into a variety of subnets, all having a specified size. The VLSM, by enabling the network to be disjoined, makes available a possibility to classify a network more suitably according to the requirements of the local.

The latest system of the process of representation in case of IP addresses is launched by CIDR, at present, which is generally called as CIDR notation. In this system of the process of CIDR notation, a suffix is used to write an address or routing prefix, which points towards some of the bits of the prefixes.

Class-based IP addressing issues

The Class-based method of IP addressing and routing appears as a network design, which comprises inadequacies in productiveness that impoverished the accessibility of unassigned IPv4 addresses more rapidly in comparison it required to.

The Class-based method of IP addressing and routing comprised classes A, B, and C:

  • Class A: Over 16 million host identifiers
  • Class B: 65,535 host identifiers
  • Class C: 254 host identifiers

Reference: Classless Inter Domain Routing

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