What is the full form of CIFS?

Full form of CIFS: Here, we are going to learn what does CIFS stands for? CIFS – which is an abbreviation of "Common Internet File System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CIFS: Common Internet File System

CIFS is an abbreviation of the "Common Internet File System". It is a file-sharing protocol that makes available an open standard based cross-platform software system, which helps in requesting and accessing remotely all the network server files and services. It was one of the versions of Server Message Block (SMB) in the field of networking.

Working of CIFS

The process of working of the Common Internet File System makes use of the client-server model to request, access, and share network files and services remotely across all the well-defined discrete network systems. In this process of file sharing, a client sends a request for access to a network server. The server of the network fulfills that request by sending an acknowledgment response message back to the client.

Features of CIFS

There are a variety of significant features of CIFS, which are given in the following:

  • In addition to the file-sharing semantics that is used on the majority of project networks of organizations and enterprises, CIFS supports the similar open, close, read, and write operations.
  • CIFS operates across the network of TCP/IP protocols and makes use of the Internet's global Domain Naming Service.
  • CIFS can automatically re-establish network connections across all servers and can open again those files, which were open before the intervention and it also maintains fault tolerance.
  • CIFS supports the inclusion of non-file system features, such as the name of the writer, content, and details.
  • In the place of dial-up links, CISF is regulated to offer the most favorable task functioning.
  • CISF features, which impede numerous users from performing the same work again that a different individual is performing on a file or record, are known as File and record locking.
  • On UNIX, VMS, and other operating systems, CIFS is also extensively accessible.
    To diminish round trip latencies, CIFS makes possible numerous requests batching in the format of distinct messages.

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