What is the full form of CIM?

Full form of CIM: Here, we are going to learn what does CIM stands for? CIM – which is an abbreviation of "Common Information Model" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CIM: Common Information Model

CIM is an abbreviation of the "Common Information Model". It is a Distributed Management Task Force organization based open standard, which describes the representation of organized component modules, management details based data for computer systems, software, applications, networks and services in the field of IT sector.

DMTF is a conglomerate of companies of most significant hardware and software. It is a division of an initiative known as Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). It supports the CIM to keep it self-regulating from the manufacturer to enable reliable management of organized component modules.

Conceptual Schema and Specifications

The standard of CIM comprises:

  • The CIM conceptual schema
  • The CIM structural specifications

The CIM conceptual schema:

The schema describes the organized component modules and the common connection between them, which makes them useful and helpful in the sector of IT.

Examples of such organized component modules are computer systems, software, applications, operating systems, middleware, services, networks, and storage devices.
According to the CIM schema, it is designed to permit the incorporation of latest competence, service, and functionality and it enables the manufacturers or creators of these organized component modules that they in combination with the common base functionality, effortlessly and continuously show their particular attributes.

The CIM structural specifications:

The structural specifications of CIM describe the structural design and model ideas of CIM. The structural design ideas of CIM get developed by the use of modeling language known as the Unified Modeling Language. The organized component modules describe as CIM classes and their alliance relations and connections with each other stand for CIM associations.

CIM operations over HTTP (CIM-XML) and RESTful services

CIM-XML and CIM-RS are standardized by the DMTF and to be one with the WBEM protocol family to make it more significant, which comprises specifications:

  • Rendering of CIM by the use of XML
  • CIM-RS Protocol Specification
  • CIM-RS Payload Representation in JSON

Reference: Common Information Model (computing)

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