What is the full form of CIR?

Full form of CIR: Here, we are going to learn what does CIR stands for? CIR – which is an abbreviation of "Committed Information Rate" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CIR: Committed Information Rate

CIR is an abbreviation of the "Committed Information Rate". It is a bandwidth, which generally expressed in kilobits per second and operates with assurance under standard circumstances in a permanent virtual circuit in a frame relay network. Frame relay networks are those types of networks, which operate digitally with distinct logical connections by sharing the identical physical pathway and in the same network; a number of logical connections are provided advanced bandwidths in contrast to other networks.

In CIR, the committed data rate (CDR) is the payload division, a division of transmitted data of CIR. The tools or equipment that makes an interconnection to the frame relay network, administer the logical connections as those tools with the advanced CIRs acquire a lot of utilization of the pathways by using statistical multiplexing, frame relay assemblers and dissemblers (FRADs). In a comparatively and reasonably short duration of time, the interconnection of the entire network's bandwidths traffic can be described again for the reason that the CIR is stated precisely in the software.

Repeatedly, an allotment of burstable bandwidth is provided higher than the CIR, whose value can be expressed in the form of an additional rate, known as the excess information rate (EIR), or in the form of its complete value, peak information rate (PIR). An open network port is used by the burstable bandwidth to distribute further bandwidth, depending upon the requirement. The burstable bandwidth makes available supplementary facilities to manage the high data volume, as the traffic of the interconnection of networks touches the maximum value of the committed bandwidth arrangement. There is an assured guarantee given by the provider regarding the connection that it will constantly at all time maintains the rate of CIR, and occasionally there is a sufficient bandwidth provided in the form of EIR rate. The sum of CIR and EIR is equaled to the Peak information rate, which is either identical or its rate is in smaller value in comparison to the speed of the access port inside the interconnection of the network.

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