What is the full form of CISC?

Full form of CISC: Here, we are going to learn what does CISC stands for? CISC – which is an abbreviation of "Complex Instruction Set Computer" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CISC: Complex Instruction Set Computer

CISC is an abbreviation of "Complex Instruction Set Computer". It is a system of the computer, whose processors are useful and supportive in making the single instructions of code simpler and shorter in a way to diminish the need for memory and it can also implement some of the numbers of low-standard operations. The single instructions coding used in these types of computer systems is proficient in carrying out multi-step operations or addressing modes inside the coding of single instructions. These properties show that in comparison to the current up to date microcontrollers, which uses a CISC-labeled instruction set with the complicated encoding patterns, current up to date RISC processors can be up to a large extent highly more sophisticated.

In a lot of educational and scholarship-based publications, a number of popular microprocessors and microcontrollers that have also been tagged as CISC comprise:

  • The Motorola 6800, 6809 and 68000-families;
  • The Zilog Z80, Z8 and Z8000-families;
  • The MOS Technology 6502-family.

Attributes of CISC

A number of attributes are given below in the following, which comprises:

  • CISC contains complicated instruction encoding, for this reason, it also has to process complicated instruction decoding.
  • It contains sophisticated Addressing Modes or multi-step operations.
  • It contains a small number of the general-purpose register while the single instructions coding or the multi-step operations get carried out on its own in the memory.
  • The single instructions of coding in CISC are sizeable in comparison to the size of a single term.
  • It contains additional Data types.
  • The single instructions of coding in CISC may acquire more than a single clock cycle to get implemented.
  • It can carry out low-standard operations such as arithmetic operations, from register to register path or register to memory path or memory to memory path.
  • In CISC, there is a use of transistors for storing complicated instructions in the memory.
  • In cooperation, it makes use of the hardwired and microprogrammed control unit for processing.

Reference: Complex instruction set computer

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