What is the full form of CMC?

Full form of CMC: Here, we are going to learn what does CMC stands for? CMC – which is an abbreviation of "Computer Mediated Communication" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CMC: Computer Mediated Communication

CMC is an abbreviation of "Computer-Mediated Communication". It alludes to communication or imparting of information between two or more individuals through the use of more than one electronic device. Some of the well-accepted types of CMC comprise e-mail, video and audio based systems, bulletin board systems, etc.

CMC Types

CMC classified into two types:

  • Synchronous CMC: It alludes to imparting information between two or more individuals which takes place in real-time. In this CMC, human groups connect at the same time in communication; on the other hand, every one of them is not essentially present at a similar place, for example, video calls, online conferences, etc.
  • Asynchronous CMC: It alludes to imparting information between two or more individuals which takes place when the engagement of human groups does not occur at the same time. In this CMC, a person who transmits a message does not acquire an instant response from the recipient; for example, file transfer, text messaging, emails, etc.

Advantages of CMC

  • In contrast to face to face communication, as individuals have access and communication through an electronic device, their rank, authority, and esteem are not communicated through it. It supports individuals and makes them feel less self-conscious in the process of communicating their ideas, outlooks, and way of thinking about specific concerns.
  • Computer-based communication collapses geographical obstructions in the process of communication through electronic devices by allowing the association of individuals through communication over distance.
  • Individuals can switch over, stock up, amend, and can transmit by doubling-up any printed document.

Disadvantages of CMC

  • Computer-based communication contains a lack of amendable opinion, advice or view response, absence of socio-emotional and nonverbal cues.
  • It devours a lot of time for the reason that in computer-mediated communication, individuals don't make out precisely when their proposed point of view, advice, and opinions are comprehended or perceived in an intended way and as a result, every individual supposes that they have to put forth a lot of additional effort to be comprehended on the CMC.
  • Obstructions and restrictions based on computer-related devices or use of tools and technology; troubles and concerns by means of access to the technology.

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