What is the full form of CMS?

Full form of CMS: Here, we are going to learn what does CMS stands for? CMS – which is an abbreviation of "Content Management System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CMS: Content Management System

CMS is an abbreviation of the "Content Management System". It is a software application that is used to handle digital-based content, which helps and enables a variety of content creators to create, change, modify, and make their content public. It is advantageous in assessing an organization's or individual’s detail management and its objectives in the matter of making content available in the public. CMS based content is generally stored in a database and they put on view in the layering arrangement of presentation, by following a particular fixed set of templates.

Components of CMS

  • Content Management Application (CMA)
  • Content Delivery Application (CDA)

Fundamental Attributes

The fundamental attributes of a CMS are given in the following, which comprise:

  • Listing directory: This attribute listed all the data in an index directory for the simple straight access through search options.
  • Search option and recovery: This attribute helps and enables the user in searching a particular data by name or its other details on the search option and also helps in searching the recovered data, for example, author name, publisher name, etc.
  • Design management: This attribute makes it easier for the user to convert scanned paper documents and electronic documents into HTML or PDF documents and set the design of documents based on his requirements.
  • Management of Modification: This attribute enables the modification and updating of content subsequent to its first publishing.
  • Publishing: This attribute in the process of designing, creation, and modification of content, enables users to make use of an organized fixed arrangement of templates, wizards, and other additional tools, which are permitted by the association.

Reference: Content management system

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