What is the full form of CNR?

Full form of CNR: Here, we are going to learn what does CNR stands for? CNR – which is an abbreviation of "Communications and Networking Riser" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CNR: Communications and Networking Riser

CNR is an abbreviation of "Communications and Networking Riser". It is an edge connector card designed and developed by Intel for the advanced technology extended (ATX) family of motherboards. At the beginning subsequent to the launch, CNR has taken off analog I/O components from the motherboard, which helped the manufacturers of the motherboard in saving a cost expended on the analog I/O components. A manufacturer of the motherboard can decide to make available audio, networking, or modem functionality in any form of the assembled component on a CNR edge connector card.

On Pentium 4-class motherboards, there was a time when CNR edge connector cards were repeatedly found, other than in the sight of the fact that their installation has been stopped in support of on-board or embedded components.

CNR Components

  • It consists of two rows of 30 pins, with two feasible pin arrangements:
    1. Type A: It makes use of an 8-pin PHY interface.
    2. Type B: It makes use of a 17-pin media-independent interface (MII) bus LAN interface.
  • Type A and B both carry USB and AC'97 signals.

CNR Specifications

  • The specification of CNR is kept sustained by OEMs, Microsoft, and silicon dealers.
  • The specification of CNR was used to reasonably put together local area networks, modems, and audio subsystems with a personal system of computers.
  • The structural design of CNR is defined by the specification in the case of both standard and low-profile risers and comprises electrical, mechanical, and thermal necessities of the riser interface.
  • The specification can be made more extensive for developing the latest technologies, such as DSL, at the same time as it also kept sustained modern up-to-date technologies such as Ethernet and analog modems.

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