What is the full form of COA?

Full form of COA: Here, we are going to learn what does COA stands for? COA – which is an abbreviation of "Certificate of Authenticity" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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COA: Certificate of Authenticity

COA is an abbreviation of a "Certificate of Authenticity". It is an authentication certification based document of a product in the form of a symbolic object or a document certificate with an individual design stamped on it. It is basically to show genuineness or originality of a product or artwork in the field of art, computer technologies, and sports such as t-shirt, jersey, painting, music label or song, glass design, football, cricket bat, a program of a system, etc. COAs of computers consist of a license number stamped on them, which validates the authenticity and originality of the program. In case of artwork such as paintings or posters, a highly regarded and trustworthy appraiser or auction house, deals with the signature and stamped symbolic object for the certificate of authenticity.

Authentic COA details

The list of details for the identification of authentic COA is given below in the following, which comprise:

  • Date of completion of the production
  • Artist or product holder name
  • The names of individuals or organizations, those who worked in the production of artwork
  • The precise title of artwork or product
  • The dimensions of the art
  • The names of reference
  • Medium used in the production
  • Edition of the artwork
  • Statement of Authenticity by artist
  • Tracking number or particular code for the Artwork
  • Contact details
  • Online Portfolio link
  • Signature
  • Publication details

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