What is the full form of COASt?

Full form of COASt: Here, we are going to learn what does COASt stands for? COASt – which is an abbreviation of "Cache on a Stick" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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COASt: Cache on a Stick

The COASt is an abbreviation of "Cache on a stick". It is a module of memory consists of SRAM, which is used to make available further levels of L2 cache memory on a computer. In the early on duration to the mid of 1990s, the modules of COASt were turned out to be well-accepted to some extent in the Apple and PC platforms.
In the beginning, the first time the standard was characterized by the company Motorola, which includes the dimensions between 4.33 and 4.36 inches broad, and between 1.12 and 1.16 inches far above the base. In the early on duration to the mid of 1990s, it may possibly be bring into operation and functioning in a lot of Apple Macintosh, other than as the Mac shifted and progressed towards the PowerPC platform, it moved out and vanished.

Attributes and benefits

  • COASt as hardware is a form of high-speed pipeline-burst static random access memory (SRAM) based technology, which is as same as equivalent to a huge single inline memory module (SIMM).
  • It makes available direct-mapped cache with a module facility of 256k to 512 K, which is prepared and structured in the form of 8192 or 16384 lines of 32 bytes.
  • To make a connection or association with the primary cache memory and other additional types of memory modules, it makes use of data buses.
  • The local random access memory (RAM) modules available in the COASt are faster although minor in size, which are used basically for accumulating cache tags.
  • COASt mounting establishment is generally set up in the form of a standalone memory component on a card edge low profile (CELP) slot on a motherboard of the system of the computer.

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