What is the full form of COB?

Full form of COB: Here, we are going to learn what does COB stands for? COB – which is an abbreviation of "Chip On Board" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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COB: Chip On Board

COB is an abbreviation of "Chip on board". It is a process in which a chip is mounted straightforwardly onto the printed circuit board (PCB). The chip is generally covered with an outside layer of epoxy or resin to make it safe and protected at the same time as it keeps the chips and wires safe from damage.

The method of tape automated bonding (TAB) is used as a systematic process to mount the chip on the printed circuit board, in which a thin flat metal tape leads are put together with the device pads and after that linked through soldering to the printed circuit board. The semiconductors are put into the substrate through the method of silver sintering, according to a specific progression to accomplish a specifically high thermal dissipation. In contrast to metallic soft soldering, this method of progression also smooth’s down and makes easy the progress of an advanced operating temperature (T>300 °C).

The drawback of mounting through soldering a chip is it cannot be substituted as same as a socketed chip devoid of de-soldering.

COB Uses

  • It uses collections of light-emitting diodes to make the lightening of LED highly well-organized, cost-effective, and resourceful.
  • The light-emitting diodes used in COBS comprise a layer of silicone, which consists of yellow Ce: YAG phosphor that expresses the fundamental features of the LEDs concisely and changes the blue light of the LEDs into white light.
  • Generally, Chips on board are used in the field of electronics and computing.

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