What is Code segment?

Code segment: Here, we are going to learn what is Code segment? Code segment in memory, etc.
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Code Segment

A code segment, which is also known as a text segment or basically as text in the field of computing, is a segment of a computer file, which consists of object code or the analogous segment of the program's address space that includes executable commands and directives information.

In a situation, when a program gets processed and executed, it gets stored in a computer file, which consists of object code. The code segment is one of the divisions of this object file, which when the program gets stored in the memory by the loader as a consequence that it possibly will be carried out and implemented, a variety of segments of memory gets assigned for a specific purpose, equivalently to both the segments in the object code based computer files and also to segments, which are just required at run time during execution.

Code segment in memory

  • In memory, the code segment acts as normally read-only memory and has a permanent size, as a consequence devoid of the requirement for loading, it can generally be located in read-only memory (ROM), on embedded systems.
  • If a situation arises that the code segment is not acting as a read-only memory, then the specific design is used to enable self-modifying code.
  • In order to put an end to heap and stack overflows from the progression of overwriting, the code segment possibly will be located underneath the heap or stack in the form of a memory segment.

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