What is Computer Output Microfilm?

Computer Output Microfilm: Here, we are going to learn what is Computer Output Microfilm? Microfilm Attributes, etc.
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Computer Output Microfilm

Computer Output Microfilm is the course progression, which relocates data stored on the system of computers from electronic media to microfilms. It helps in scaling down the reproduction of papers, made with the objective of broadcast, storage, reading, and printing by large organizations. The top seller of Computer Output Microfilm machines was Anacomp, Inc., San Diego, CA, which offered and facilitated service and restored entities.

The Systems which are used to set up images based on microfilm in punched cards have been extensively used for archival storage of informational data related to engineering.

Microfilm Attributes

  • In motion picture standard, 16 mm or 35 mm microfilm is used, which is generally not pierced.
  • The typical measurement lengthwise for using roll film is 30.48 m for 35mm rolls, and 100 ft, 130 ft, and 215 feet for 16mm rolls.
  • In the case of outsized engineering drawings, one roll of 35 mm film may bring 600 images or 800 images of newspaper pages with an outsized format; therefore, 16 mm film may bring 2,400 images of memo sized images.
  • On open reels, roll microfilm is kept in reserve or sometimes put into cassettes.
  • A microfilm based printer comprises a xerographic copying method of practice. The projection of images, which has to be printed is protruding with coordinated progress on to the drum.

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