What is Computer Service Technician?

Computer Service Technician: Here, we are going to learn what is Computer Service Technician? Job description, Working Environment, General Certification, etc.
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Computer Service Technician

A computer service technician is a designation of an individual, who installs, analyzes, identify, repairs and troubleshoots various types of problems or concerns related to computer systems or servers or networks. The responsibilities, which come under computer service technician, sometimes may also cover up configuration of latest hardware, installation and updation of software packages, and building and keeping up networks of computer. The technicians, who are experienced possibly will expert in fields, which comprises:

  • Data recovery
  • System administration
  • Networking
  • Information systems

Job description

The Computer service technician's, who operates on "Original Equipment Manufacturer" based tools, have an inclination to work with five most commonly used types of hardware, which comprises:

  • Mobile computing devices
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Computer clusters
  • Servers

Technicians also sometimes fix and restore a range of peripheral devices, which comprises:

  • Input devices
  • Output devices
  • Data storage devices

In the department of system administration, those technicians who are entailed will possibly also work with networking hardware, which comprises;

  • Fiber optics
  • Switches
  • Cabling
  • Wireless networks
  • Routers

Working Environment

Computer technicians operate in different types of working environment, which comprises:

  • Private sector:
    1. Corporate information technology departments
    2. Central service centers
    3. Retail computer sales areas
  • Public sector:
    1. Military
    2. National security or law enforcement areas
    3. Health or community wellbeing areas
    4. Educational organization or institute

General Certification

The most general certification for computer service technicians are:

Reference: Computer repair technician

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