What is the full form of CPAN?

Full form of CPAN: Here, we are going to learn what does CPAN stands for? CPAN – which is an abbreviation of "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

CPAN is an abbreviation of the "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network". It is a software collection of over 250,000 distributions of software modules in addition to the documentation of a lot of distributions, which are written in Perl programming language. The majority of software on CPAN is available without any charge and is open source to use, copy, examine, and modify the software in any manner possible.

Distribution of software modules on the CPAN may comprise a single or more than one single module, documentation files, or programs enclosed in a wide-ranging storing format as an archive, such as a gzipped tar archive or a ZIP file.

CPAN History

  • In 1993, CPAN was designed.
  • As of October 1995, it turned out to be active online. The foundational basis of CPAN is the CTAN model and it started as a specific location, where the composition of dispersed Perl collections can unite or bring together.

CPAN Function

  • Perl consists of a method of systems to make use of written code-based external libraries, which performs the operation by creating a single file include regular practices used by a variety of programs.
  • A small organized collection of core modules appears in association with Perl, in which a number of core modules carry out undertakings based on bootstrapping.
  • Its most significant objective is to work towards assisting, guiding, and providing support to the programmers in the process of tracing modules and programs, which are not incorporated in the standard distribution of Perl.

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