What is the full form of CPM?

Full form of CPM: Here, we are going to learn what does CPM stands for? CPM – which is an abbreviation of "Cost per mile" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CPM: Cost per mile

CPM is an abbreviation of "Cost per mile", which is also known as Cost per thousand. In the field of online advertising and digital marketing, CPM is the price rate an advertiser, promoter, or marketer pays in case of one thousand impressions through viewers or clicks on an advertisement. The areas of digital marketing in which Cost per thousand or mile is used for the calculation and estimation of per thousand views on advertisement are television, e-newspapers, online magazines, radio, social media platforms such as YouTube, etc.

In the field of marketing, it is used as a standard system of measurement or point of reference to analyze and estimate the calculated relative price charge of an advertising campaign or an advertisement message at a specified platform.

Calculation process

The whole process of calculating and estimating the price rate per thousand impressions or views or clicks is followed by using the number of impressions conveyed in thousands that it cause to divide the price rate of an advertising assignment or campaign.

[Cost per mile or thousand = Advertising price rate / Impressions generated]

Use of CPM

  • The use of this standard system of measurement of CPM is highly functional and constructive in case of evaluation through contrasting it by putting side by side the relative competence and effectiveness of a variety of advertising prospects and assignments or other media prospects.
  • It is also highly functional in the process of calculating and estimating the all-inclusive complete price rates of advertising campaigns.

Reference: Cost per mille

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