What is the full form of CR?

Full form of CR: Here, we are going to learn what does CR stands for? CR – which is an abbreviation of "Carriage Return" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CR: Carriage Return

CR is an abbreviation of "Carriage Return", which is also at occasional times known as cartridge return. It is a non-printing character or system of method, which is used to reorganize the position of a device or addition of a character to the starting point of a line of text.

The concept of CR can be regarded as independently an individual intangible idea but it is somewhat strongly connected with the line feed and newline concepts as a variety of programs of computer solitary make use of the carriage return character or with a combination of line feed, to indicate by specifying the ending point of a line of text to reorganize the position of a device or addition of a character, although other additional characters in newline concept are also used for this utility task. It is also frequently abbreviated as <CR> or returns.


  • Initially, in the beginning at first the term "carriage return" alluded to as a system of method or lever on a typewriter.
  • There are a lot of numerous typewriters, which operate on electricity such as the IBM electric typewriter or Underwood Electric typewriter.
  • These electric typewriters used the standard portable carriage and typebar system of the method, in contrary to the preset permanent carriage and type ball, which are used in the IBM Selectric. On the keyboard, they established the carriage return to be an additional key as an alternative of a lever.
  • The key on the keyboard of electric typewriters was generally categorized as "carriage return", "return", or "power return".

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