What is the full form of CRL?

Full form of CRL: Here, we are going to learn what does CRL stands for? CRL – which is an abbreviation of "Certificate Revocation List" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CRL: Certificate Revocation List

CRL is an abbreviation of the "Certificate Revocation List". A certificate revocation list is a record listing of digital certificates in the field of cryptography that has been officially canceled or revoked, declared by the issuing certificate authority (CA) before their listed date, on which its fixed period of validity will be run out, and supposed to be no longer be regarded as reliable.

Stages of Revocation

In RFC 5280, there are two different stages of revocation described, which comprises:

  • Revoked:
    1. If a situation found out that the certificate had inappropriately and unprofessionally issued by the certificate authority (CA), then that certificate is permanently revoked. The certificate gets also permanently revoked when a private-key is considered to have been conveniently and practically accepted as standards by coming to terms.
    2. The certificates possibly will also be revoked in case of a breakdown of the acknowledged and well-known unit to act by the necessities of guiding principles.
  • Hold:
    1. This stage, which is capable of being turned the other way can be used to point out and record the provisional invalidity of the certificate.
    2. If a situation arises that in a particular condition, in which a user is uncertain about its private key has been lost or not, the private key gets discovered and there is no one present who has access to it, then this stage could be re-established or restored, and the certificate could be made applicable and legitimate again, by taking out the certificate from upcoming CRL prospects.

Causes behind revocation

Some of the causes behind the revocation of a listing of digital certificates as stated by the RFC 5280 comprise:

  • unspecified (0)
  • keyCompromise (1)
  • cACompromise (2)
  • affiliationChanged (3)
  • superseded (4)

Reference: Certificate revocation list

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