What is the full form of CSMA?

Full form of CSMA: Here, we are going to learn what does CSMA stands for? CSMA – which is an abbreviation of "Carrier Sense Multiple Access" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CSMA: Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMA is an abbreviation of "Carrier-sense multiple access (CSMA)". It is one of the protocols of media access control (MAC) in IEEE 802 LAN/MAN standards, which process by validating and making sure the nonexistence of other network interchange to keep away from collisions by paying attention to the carrier, when the situation arises that two or more stations begin sending their transmission signals over the data link layer, prior to transmitting on a common transmission intermediate.

Enhancements in protocol

In Carrier Sense multiple access, there is a requirement to initially verify and make sure the condition status of the intermediate by each and every station prior to sending their transmission signals over the data link layer.

The persistence system of processes, weighted p-persistence, slotted 1-persistence, and slotted p-persistence can be applied to assist and facilitate the station to acquire measures when the channel is full of activity or inactive.

  • Carrier-sense multiple access with collision detection
    1. At the initial possible moment when a collision is identified, CSMA/CD is used to develop and advance CSMA functioning by putting an end to transmission.
    2. CSMA/CD is used by Ethernet.
  • Carrier-sense multiple access with collision avoidance
    1. In CSMA/CA, in the process to develop and advance the functioning of CSMA, collision avoidance is used.
    2. CSMA/CA is used by Wi-Fi.
  • CSMA with Collision Resolution
    1. To keep away from the collisions, CSMA/CR makes use of priorities in the frame header.
    2. CSMA/CR is used in the Controller Area Network.
  • Virtual time CSMA
    1. VTCSMA is developed to keep away from collision of transmitting signals generated by stations over the data link layer, which is at the same time, used in hard real-time systems majority of the times.
    2. Based on their time limit, it makes use of two clocks to allocate the messages as being most essential.

Reference: Carrier-sense multiple access

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