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Full form of CSS: Here, we are going to learn what does CSS stands for? CSS – which is an abbreviation of "Content Scramble System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CSS: Content Scramble System

CSS is an abbreviation of the "Content Scramble System". It is a digital rights management (DRM) and encryption system based technology, which is a compilation of closed-source software safety and security-based system of methods, used on a variety of commercially created and designed DVD-Video discs. It makes use of a closed-source software-based stream cipher algorithm of 40-bit. On October 29, 1996, CSS was launched.

In the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) DRM scheme, it has been outdated by the latest recently developed DRM schemes, which comprises Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM), or by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) brought into play by HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

CSS data in DVD-ROM

In DVD-ROM, CSS stores a variety of data, because of the availability of supplementary data sections in addition to main-data, which comprise:

  • A flag, which signifies the application of CSS, whether it is put down or not.
  • The management details of 8-bit region code.
  • A disc-key-block, which carries 409 encrypted modified versions of the disc-key.

Stream Cipher

  • A stream cipher is used by CSS, which severely damages the keystream by using the plain-text data to turn out and form the cipher text.
  • The two linear feedback shift register (LFSR) is the foundational basis of stream cipher.
  • In CSS, a stream cipher is established with a 40-bit seed.

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