What is the full form of CSV?

Full form of CSV: Here, we are going to learn what does CSV stands for? CSV – which is an abbreviation of "Comma-Separated Values" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CSV: Comma-Separated Values

CSV is an abbreviation of "Comma-Separated Values". It is an enclosed text file that makes use of a comma in the process of putting down the text to separate values. Every line in the enclosed text file is a data record, which comprises a single field or extra additional fields based on separation through commas.

Rules and guidelines

The rules and guidelines in case of data, which it identifies, store and process are mentioned below in the following:

  • The number of comma-separated fields consist of in every row should be equivalent.
  • Some of the series of carriage-return or newline characters ('\r' or '\n') is used to put an end to the lines.
  • Comma's next to each other or a comma in the beginning or last part of a line signifies a null field.
  • Whitespace occurred by the use of space or tab, which emerges next to a comma should be unnoticed.
  • In double quotes, Cells possibly will be encompassed.
  • Quoted values possibly will consist of line breaks or some additional character.
  • Encompassed by a quoted value, a double quote character is portrayed in a specific two adjacent double quotes.

Procedure to save a file

The procedure to save a worksheet or database in the form of a CSV is given as follows:

  • At First, open the file by using the application of worksheet.
  • By Clicking the File option, select "Save As" in the appeared list.
  • Select the location and browse to save the file at a specific preferred location.
  • Select CSV (Comma delimited), and end it by clicking "Save" option.
  • The application possibly will display a message on the screen, just click "yes" to continue.

Reference: Comma-separated values

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