What is the full form of CTD?

Full form of CTD: Here, we are going to learn what does CTD stands for? CTD – which is an abbreviation of "Crash to Desktop" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CTD: Crash to Desktop

CTD is an abbreviation of "Crash to Desktop". It is a computer program-based error, which occurs in a situation when an application, generally a computer video game, suddenly comes to an end devoid of putting on display a warning or error message, and in place of that, the exhibit's the desktop screen of the computer. A lot of numerous times, there is not at all a single clear movement that comes out as a source of a crash to the computer screen.

Commonly, CTD is not related to any type of activity that comes out as a source of the crash; however, it mostly comes across when a user is playing a particular kind of game.

Occurrence of CTD

  • In a course of situation, when CTD takes place, the game being played by the user all of a sudden freeze down for a short duration of time and followed by that shut down by itself.
  • In a variety of circumstances or conditions before the crash occurs, a black screen is coming out and put on show by the game followed by the final ending backdrop music.
  • In some further conditions, a source of crash to desktop comes out in the form of some kind of activity by application.
  • CTD bugs makes troubles for users, as the users are not capable of to find out the setback, which is somehow in any manner connected with the crash, as the source of a crash doesn't come out on the computers screen.
  • In case of games, one technique is recommended for the user to find out the setback of trouble, which is by running the program in windowed mode.
  • To find out the source of a crash to desktop, some operating systems exist such as Windows Vista and XP, which have built-in features, facilitates in tracking down the source of a crash.

Reference: Crash_(computing)

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