What is the full form of CTO?

Full form of CTO: Here, we are going to learn what does CTO stands for? CTO – which is an abbreviation of "Chief Technology Officer" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CTO: Chief Technology Officer

CTO is an abbreviation of "Chief Technology Officer", which is occasionally known as a chief technical officer or chief technologist. It is an administrative level designation in a corporation or in any other organizational body. The responsibilities of a CTO differ from one corporation to another, which largely for the most part depends on their corporation's infrastructure.

CTO Objective

The main objective of chief technology officer is to pay attention on the scientific and technology-based problems and concerns inside their corporation or organizational body.

CTO Attributes

  • The designation of CTO is highly related to a chief information officer (CIO).
  • To lead the corporation or organizational upcoming activities and goings-on prospects, a CTO is supposed to be conscious and up-to-date of the latest and accessible technologies.
  • The work of the CTO is to make the decision for the wide-ranging technology-based organizational structure, that strongly associate together with the objective of its corporation or organizational body, at the same time as CIOs work together with the IT employees workers of the organization to carry out and execute operations on a daily basis.

CTO History

In the last duration of 1980s, with the development and progress of industry based on information technology and corporations based on technology of computer, the designation of "Chief Technology Officer" came into existence by huge leading corporations.

Top leading CTOs

  • Werner Hans Peter Vogels
  • Lauren Mosenthal
  • John Carmack
  • Shivananda
  • Dharmesh Shah

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