What is the full form of CTR?

Full form of CTR: Here, we are going to learn what does CTR stands for? CTR – which is an abbreviation of "Click-through rate" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CTR: Click-through rate

CTR is an abbreviation of the "Click-through rate". It is a standard of measurement that estimates the number of clicks; advertisers of company or promoters of some organization get on their web page, posts, or advertisement per number of impressions.

It is generally a criterion, which is used to measure the accomplishment rate of an online advertising campaign associated with a specific website or an influencing individual posts on social media sites in addition to the success of email campaigns.

Costing discounts for advertisements that put forward high significance is provided by Google AdWords and other additional search marketing platforms.

The importance of a high click-through rate is given in the following:

  • High click-through rates show the way towards high-Quality Scores.
  • High-Quality Scores enable a user to get better, develop, or keep up an advertisement position in case of lower charges.

CTR Calculation formula

The estimated calculation of a click-through rate of an advertising campaign is measure by dividing the number of clicks on the advertising campaign with the number of impressions on the advertising campaign.

The value expressed in percentage:

[CTR = (No. of Clicks / No. of impressions) *100]

Accomplishment of Click through rate

The accomplishment of high percentage of click-through rate is depends on:

  • Cost-efficient clicks.
  • Application tools and techniques in case of strongly incorporating keywords with the combination of advertisement text and landing pages.
  • Targeted keywords
  • The skill to promptly and professionally set out keyword collections to create more rapidly targeting of clicks and impressions.

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