What is the full form of CU?

Full form of CU: Here, we are going to learn what does CU stands for? CU – which is an abbreviation of "Control Unit" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CU: Control Unit

CU is an abbreviation of Control Unit. It is a module section of a central processing unit (CPU) of computer's, which administers and controls the functioning procedures of the processor. In the designs of up-to-date latest computer's, the control unit is commonly an inner module section of the CPU and from the time of its launch till now, its general responsibilities and functions are still the same without any particular significant change. It is also a part of the von Neumann architecture incorporated by John von Neumann.


  • The working of control unit is process by receiving input data and details, which it changes by converting them into control signals and after that sent those control signals to the central processor of computers.
  • The processor of computer followed by that gives command to the connected device to perform some specific functions given by control unit.
  • On the category of CPU, the functions performed by control unit are completely reliant for the reason that the structural design of CPU differs from one manufacturer to the other one.

Categories of Control Unit

Control unit is classified into two categories, which comprise:

  • Hardwired Control Unit
  • Microprogrammable control unit

Functions of the Control Unit

  • CU be in command of a variety of implementation units, which are restricted and controlled inside a CPU.
  • CU gets command instructions from peripheral units or devices, which it changes by converting them into the order of control signals.
  • CU clarifies and makes the command instructions for CPU, understandable.
  • CU organizes and manages the order of movements of data, which process into a lot of processor's sub-units, out of them and many times in between of them.
  • CU directs the flow of data by controlling them within the control processing unit.
  • CU also manages a lot of numerous responsibilities and tasks, which comprises:
  1. Fetching
  2. Decoding
  3. Implementation management
  4. Storing outcomes

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