What is the full form of CUPS?

Full form of CUPS: Here, we are going to learn what does CUPS stands for? CUPS – which is an abbreviation of "Common UNIX Printing System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System

CUPS is an abbreviation of "Common UNIX Printing System". It is a modular printing system, which supports Unix-like computer operating systems and enables a system of computer to perform functions and operations in the form of a printer server in the networking connection of computer with printer. It is free software, which gets offered under the Apache License.

A Common UNIX Printing System, which operates on a computer, act as a host and acknowledges printing based responsibilities and tasks from client computers, after that process them through the system and transfers them to the suitable connected printer.

CUPS consist of:

  • Print spooler
  • Scheduler
  • A Filter system
  • A backend system

CUPS History

  • In 1997, Michael Sweet, a computer scientist, began the development process of CUPS.
  • In 1999, CUPS was launched and first time comes out in public.
  • In the month of March 2002, CUPS was taken up by Apple inc. in the form of printing system, basically implemented for Mac OS X 10.2.
  • In the month of February 2007, Michael Sweet taken into service and employed by Apple Inc. and the source code of CUPS are bought up by Apple Inc.

User Interface Tools

Some of the user interface tools, which help out in establishing CUPS, comprise:

  • CUPS web-based administration interface
  • Mac OS X
  • Red Hat Linux/Fedora
  • PrinterSetup

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