What is Customer Service?

Customer Service: Here, we are going to learn about the Customer Service, Traits of Excellent Customer Service, etc.
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Customer Service

Customer Service is the action of providing straight one-to-one communication between a customer and a spokesperson or agent of the company when a customer approaches for the purchasing and a spokesperson or agent of the company is looking for a deal to sell their product or service.

Traits of Excellent Customer Service

A number of traits of an excellent customer service comprise:

  • Courtesy:
    1. In customer service, articulation with the politeness of 'hello,' 'good afternoon,', 'How are you', 'sir,' and 'thank you very much' is a trait of excellent customer service.
    2. Whether the customer purchases the product or service or not in case of any trade dealings, using fine etiquette behavior is suitable for the company and for its agent in the long term.
  • Professionalism:
    1. Every customer is supposed to be taken care of competently with professionalism, which shows the company's agent skillfulness anticipated as a specialized in professionalism.
    2. By the following professionalism, the company displays its value and worth and makes a trustful connection with the customer by showing the care professionally.
  • Personalization:
    1. In the communication between customer and company's agent, using the name of a customer is highly valuable in establishing reliability and trustworthiness.
    2. This makes the customers more comfortable and approachable because a person during the making of purchase or opting for a service considers the thought or plan of whom they going to do trade business and dealings with and who be familiar with them on an individual level.
  • Quickness:
    1. The undertaking is given by a company to the customer for the delivery of products, required to be on time in a professional manner.
    2. On behalf of the company, delays by delivery individuals and cancellations of products by the company are supposed to be eluded and taken care of in a respectful and dignified way.

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