What is the full form of CUT?

Full form of CUT: Here, we are going to learn what does CUT stands for? CUT – which is an abbreviation of "Coordinated Universal Time" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CUT: Coordinated Universal Time

CUT is an abbreviation of "Coordinated Universal Time". It is the main time standard, which sets the time of clock in the world. The time set by this main standard is comes in the range of about 1 second of mean solar time at 0° longitude, and is not accustomed according to the daylight saving time.

CUT History

  • On 1 January 1960, the coordination of time and frequency broadcasting started all over the world.
  • In 1963, the first time UTC was authoritatively on the record, approved as CCIR Recommendation 374, Standard-Frequency and Time-Signal Emissions.
  • In 1970, an original up-to-date standard of UTC was approved, which was put into operation in 1972. In this up-to-date standard of UTC, leap seconds are taken up and approved to make things easier for upcoming modifications and regulations.
  • The present up-to-date standard edition of UTC is described by International Telecommunications Union Recommendation (ITU-R TF.460-6), Standard-frequency and time-signal emissions. It is fundamentally based on International Atomic Time (TAI) with the approved leap seconds, which are set further at uneven out of order gaps to make up and neutralize in case of the slowing down motion of the Earth's rotation.

CUT Uses

  • As in the record listing of time zones by UTC time offset, Time zones all over the world are demonstrated by using positive or negative offsets from UTC.
  • The westernmost time zone makes use of UTC−12, which exist twelve hours further back than UTC.
  • The easternmost time zone makes use of UTC+14, which exist fourteen hours further on in advance of UTC.
  • In a lot of numerous worldwide computer network and World Wide Web based standards, UTC is used.
  • In aviation, UTC is also used as a time standard.

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