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What is the full form of CV?

Full form of CV: Here, we are going to learn about the CV, full form of CV, overview, CV writing tips, difference between CV and Resume, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 10, 2019

CV: Curriculum Vitae

The CV is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae. It is a written outline summary of a person's educational training and qualifications and his other experiences. It is an absolute profile of a candidate comprising his full name, phone number, address, email id, educational qualifications, hobbies, achievements, soft skills, languages known, computer skills, career objective, marital status, etc. In the case of A4 size pages of an ideal CV, a person should not include more than 2 or 3 pages in his CV.

There is no requirement to make available your photo, history of salary, references and the motive for leaving the previous job in the CV. These details should be made available individually to the employer upon demand.

CV full form

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CV Writing Tips

Mentioned below following are some common suggestions or tips for writing a CV or a Resume,

  • The CV or Resume matching according to the position: It is significant to highlight your education, work experience, and skills correlated to the position of a job for which you are applying.
  • Keywords: In your CV or Resume comprise the keywords from the job description to show that you are a fitting candidate for the job.
  • Template: In your CV or Resume use an appropriate template to organize the CV. It helps in noticing your experience and qualification to the employer rapidly.
  • Proofread: In your CV or Resume systematically examine to make sure there are no mistakes in spelling or grammar.

Difference between CV and Resume

There are very fewer differences between CV and resume, like CV and resume both are used for the same purpose,

Criteria Curriculum Vitae Resume
Layout It comprises your educational and academic information as well as teaching and research experiences, awards, honors, etc. The CV is fixed and there is no requirement to change for different designations. It is a summary of most significant professional experiences about the specific job for which you are applying. The resume can be changed according to the job designation.
Length CV length is long. There is no limit for pages to write. It covers your whole career comprising educational and academic background. The resume length is short. There is a requirement of only 1 or 2 pages to write. No specified layout rule, its information is only arranged around the best suit of the applicant.
Purpose It is commonly used for academic positions like faculty opening, internship, fellowship, etc. It is commonly used for the business industry, governmental and non-profit jobs.


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