What is the full form of CVS?

Full form of CVS: Here, we are going to learn what does CVS stands for? CVS – which is an abbreviation of "Concurrent Version System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CVS: Concurrent Version System

CVS is an abbreviation of the "Concurrent Version System", which is also known as the Concurrent Versioning System. It is a free source code management system, which works on the distributed application structure in the field of software development. A source code management system maintains the entire work by continuous updates and keeps information regarding the modifications in an organized structure of files, and enables a variety of developers to work in partnership by cooperating, which are broadly at different places with different time zones. In the UNIX operating system environment, CVS was built and is a well-accepted means for programmers, which operates on Linux and other UNIX-based operating systems.

CVS History

  • On June 23, 1986, Dick Grune launched openly in public the code of CVS, which was developed in the format of a progression of shell scripts.
  • On 8 May 2008, the most recent updated version of CVS was launched.

CVS Features

  • CVS makes use of a distributed application structural design.
  • CVS servers are capable of to enable "read access" of unidentified accounts.
  • CVS makes use of delta compression in case of well-organized storage of contrasting editions of the identical file.

Advantages of CVS

  • CVS facilitates in restoring the changes, which are done by default through backup.
  • CVS works out the setback of Portability in the process of coding among different computers.

Reference: Concurrent Versions System

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