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D: Dlang: Here, we are going to learn about the D: Dlang, its history, usages, etc.
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D: Dlang

D is an abbreviation of "Dlang". It is a multi-paradigm-based programming language, which is basically used for system programming. System programming languages are fundamentally in comparison to other programming languages, considered not in favor of compatibility, although intended for execution and provide effortlessness in the process of accessing the fundamental hardware at the same time as offers high-level programming theories and models up to the present time.


  • In 1999, Walter Bright, an American computer programmer, began his operational research on Dlang.
  • In the last month of 2001, Walter Bright designed and developed the Dlang, the D programming language at Digital Mars and launched it.
    In January 2007, Dlang attained version 1.0.
  • In the mid of 2007, the first version of D2 was launched and its growth and advancement provided the indication towards D1's transformation of turning more secure and stable.
  • In the beginning of 2011, D's growth and advancement transformed its progress from a source of bugtracker / patch-submission to GitHub.
  • On June 21, 2017, the D Language was regarded favorably in case of incorporation in GCC.

DLang Use

Some of the prominent and leading companies that use the D programming language for projects comprise:

  • Facebook
  • MagiKcraft
  • eBay
  • Mercedes-Benz R&D NA
  • Netflix

D also has been used in a variety of different fields, some of which are given in the following:

  • Games
  • GUI applications
  • machine learning
  • web and application servers
  • numerical analysis
  • virtual machines
  • Embedded applications
  • Numerical computing

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