What is the full form of D2D?

Full form of D2D: Here, we are going to learn what does D2D stands for? D2D – which is an abbreviation of "Disk to Disk" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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D2D: Disk to Disk

D2D is an abbreviation of "Disk to Disk". It commonly refers to the process of copying or backing up data from computer hard disk to another hard disk, in place of copying or backing up that data into tape or floppy disk. It allows multiple disk storage backup, which facilitates in securing the data in more than one hard disk (excluding computers hard disk) and also in accessing the data from many sources for the purpose of recovery.

In Remote backup services, which are very much associated to Disk to Disk backup process, the backed-up data are kept and maintained at a remote location and the service is generally made available by a managed backup provider.

Advantages of D2D

Advantages of disk to disk backup comprise the following:

  • In comparison to tape and floppy disks, this process provides higher relocating speed and more further capacity, which facilitates in shorter backup and gaps of recovery.
  • In comparison to tape, which supposed to be searched linearly and not capable of to promptly get back data for the process of restoration, hard disks facilitates by allowing a restoration process of a particular file more promptly and effortless without any complexity in Non-linear recovery of data.
  • The overall cost in the use of hard disk for backing of data is less for the reason that the use of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other processes is increased and because of that the hardware cost is decreased, which tends to decrease in the overall cost in the use of hard disks.

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