What is the full form of DAC?

Full form of DAC: Here, we are going to learn what does DAC stands for? DAC – which is an abbreviation of "Digital to Analog Converter" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DAC: Digital to Analog Converter

DAC is an abbreviation of "Digital to Analog Converter". A digital-to-analog converter is an electronic circuitry system that converts a digital input signal into an analog output signal in the field of electronics.

DAC Categories

Some of the general categories of DAC are:

  • Interpolating DAC
  • Cyclic DAC
  • Thermometer-coded DAC
  • Hybrid DAC
  • Binary-weighted DAC
  • Delta-Sigma DAC


  • The use of DAC system, is generally happen in music based equipments and instruments, which are used to convert digital data streams or signals into analog audio signals. ADC is used to do the reverse process of converting analog audio signals into digital data signals. The audio based DAC system comes in the category of a low-frequency, high-resolution type.
  • They are also used in digital video media based devices such as Televisions and Smartphone's, which are basically used to convert digital video data into analog video signals. The video based DAC system is a high-frequency low- to medium-resolution type.
  • Discrete DACs are used in military based radar systems and also in extremely high-speed test equipment, particularly in sampling oscilloscopes. Discrete DACs would generally come in the category of particularly high-speed low-resolution power-hungry types.

DAC Advantages

Some of the advantages of Digital to Analog Converter are:

  • In contrast to other system of processes for conversion, Weighted Resistor Circuit is the best ever converting circuit in DACs.
  • In Digital to Analog conversion, there is a possibility of accomplishing high resolution and accurateness.
  • The Digital to Analog Converter's are effortless and approachable in the process of putting them into operation.

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