What is the full form of DDE?

Full form of DDE: Here, we are going to learn what does DDE stands for? DDE – which is an abbreviation of "Dynamic Data Exchange" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange

DDE is an abbreviation of "Dynamic Data Exchange". It is an interprocess communication-based technology system that enables data to get managed through a communication or by getting shared between the applications in primary versions of Microsoft Windows and OS/2.

DDE History

In 1987, it was originally launched with the introduction of Windows 2.0 in the form of a system of interprocess communication.


  • Sharing data involving two applications.
  • To make available commands to other applications.
  • To improve and develop application features such as building real data documents and real-time queries among applications.


  • Wonderware was a trademark of industry based software, which designed and created an extension in support of DDE called NetDDE.
  • The work of NetDDE was to set off and keep up the connections of network, which are required in support of DDE conversations connecting DDE-aware applications that are in operation working on different computers in a network and data that gets evidently exchanged.
  • A DDE conversation is a communication, which connects client and server applications on a network.
  • In applications, NetDDE may perhaps be processed by the side in the company of DDE and the DDE management library (DDEML).
  • Up to the present time, NetDDE was incorporated by means of Windows Server 2003and Windows XP Service Pack 2, in spite of the possibility that it was put out of action by default.
  • Some of the fundamental Windows applications, which use NetDDE comprise:
    1. Clipbook Viewer
    2. WinChat
    3. Microsoft Hearts

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