What is the full form of DEA?

Full form of DEA: Here, we are going to learn what does DEA stands for? DEA – which is an abbreviation of "Digital Encryption Algorithm" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DEA: Digital Encryption Algorithm

DEA is an abbreviation of "Digital Encryption Algorithm", which is also known as Data Encryption Standard. It is an algorithm, which is used to encrypt the digital data in the field of cryptography.


  • In the beginning of 1970s, it was developed by IBM.
  • On 17th March 1975, the anticipated DEA was issued in the Federal Register.
  • In the month of November 1976, DEA was officially permitted as a federal standard.
  • On 15th January 1977, it was issued as FIPSPUB 46, which officially approved in case of to make use on each and every type of unclassified data.
  • On 26th May 2002, DEA was outdated and in its place the position was taken at last by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Structure of DEA algorithm

  • DEA is the standard deterministic algorithm in cryptography.
  • Each and every block size of DEA is 64 bits.
  • The structure of the DEA algorithm consists of 16 identical stages of processing, named rounds.
  • The Feistel(F) function of crisscrossing Feistel structure (whose block classified into two 32-bit halves and routed into progression alternately), functions on half a block (32 bits) at a time and comprises four stages:
    1. Expansion
    2. Key mixing
    3. Substitution
    4. Permutation


  • Make the data secure and protected at all times.
  • Keep maintain and protect privacy.
  • It maintains Integrity
  • Protection and security across numerous devices.
  • It transfers the data securely.

Reference: Data Encryption Standard

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