What is the full form of DHTML?

Full form of DHTML: Here, we are going to learn what does DHTML stands for? DHTML – which is an abbreviation of "Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DHTML: Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language

DHTML is stands for "Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language". Dynamic HTML is a set of static markup language, client-side scripting language, presentation definition language and the Document Object Model, which are used collectively with the purpose to make interactive and animated websites.


In 1997, with the launch of Internet Explorer 4, the application of DHTML was brought in and initiated by Microsoft.


  • To revive its content involuntarily, it sets in a ticker or any additional dynamic display by means of using the most recent news or any other data.
  • It uses text and images based on animation in their files.
  • Exclusive of comprising to return back data to the server, it makes use of a structure to lay hold of user input and after that put in the procedural course of action, authenticate and act in response to that data.
  • It consists of rollover buttons or drop-down menus.


  • It covers a smaller amount of memory space in contrast to other additional multimedia software.
  • In a web page's definition language, DHTML enables scripting languages to modify variables.
  • In contrast to a static HTML, it consists of more highly developed range of operations and functions, and captures additional content on the web page, respectively.


  • DHTML does not compatible with every browser.
  • In DHTML, there is a requirement of some of the useful tools, which come at higher price.
  • Its structure of coding is long, complicated and time-consuming.

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