What is the full form of DID in Computer?

Full form of DID: Here, we are going to learn what does DID stands for? DID – which is an abbreviation of "Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DID: Direct Inward Dial

DID is an abbreviation of "Direct Inward Dial". It is a service based on telecommunication, which is provided by telephone corporations to those peoples who maintains a connection of private branch exchange (PBX) system on a usual basis. In the process of providing the service, one or further analog based or digital based physical circuits toward the PBX is/are used in case of numerous telephone numbers.

Uses of DID

Some of the uses of DID are:

  • DID service is used by means of fax servers. Fax modem is used as a telephone interface by connecting through telephone line with computer system, which operates software of fax server for the functioning.
  • DID service is also used in communications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in which it enable public switched telephone network (PSTN) users to straightforwardly contact users by means of VoIP phones, where numbers of DID are allotted to a communications gateway.


  • In case of communication between the working employees or the staff members, DID telephone numbers comprises an effective way with the purpose to facilitate and improve the efficiency and output of a call center and the further inquiry supervision turns out to be useful and helpful in favor of the managers.
  • In the process of making available an interface to the staff employees in case of inter-communication, the dialing numbers of DID works great and are highly helpful.
  • DID numbers are very useful in making a specific number of calls at the same time, concurrently, highly simpler. In this process, while one call ends, the private branch exchange system devoid of any working employee or the staff member intervention mechanically by design transfers the call of the prearranged approved phone number to the exact proper terminal in the corporation.

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