What is the full form of DIF in Computer?

Full form of DIF: Here, we are going to learn what does DIF stands for? DIF – which is an abbreviation of "Data Interchange Format" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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DIF: Data Interchange Format

DIF is an abbreviation of "Data Interchange Format". It is a text based file format, which is used fundamentally to bring in or transfer particular spreadsheets among spreadsheet programs such as Excel, FileMaker, StarCalc, dBase etc.


  • In the beginning of 1980s, DIF was designed and created by Software Arts, Inc.
  • Robert M. Frankston, an American software engineer and businessman, who is also the co-founder of Software Arts, Inc. designed and created the Data Interchange Format, with the help of Mitch kapor.


DIF, with the purpose to make the reduction of a lot of various cross-platform concerns and matters, stores up each and every single data in an ASCII text file.

The DIF, ASCII text file is classified into 2 sections, which comprise:

  1. Header
  2. Data
    • In DIF, the presentation of every single data is in the form of a 2- or 3-line chunk, in which Headers acquire a 3-line chunk and data acquire 2.
    • The beginning of Header chunks is:
      1. By means of a text identifier that is entirely in capital, consists of simply just alphabetic characters, and less than 32 letters.
      2. The next line should be a pair of numbers, and
      3. The third line required to be a quoted string.
    • Values: A value takes up two lines, in which the first consists of a pair of numbers and the second consists of either a string or a keyword. The foremost number of the pair signifies type, which comprises:
      1. −1 – directive type
      2. 0 – numeric type
      3. 1 – string type
    • Header chunk: A header chunk is arranged by an identifier line, which is tagged along by the two lines of a value.
      1. TABLE
      2. VECTORS
      3. TUPLES
      4. DATA

Reference: Data Interchange Format

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