What is DisplayPort (DP)?

DisplayPort (DP): Here, we are going to learn about the DisplayPort (DP), its versions, Standard DisplayPort Connector Pin Allocation, etc.
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DP: DisplayPort

"DisplayPort" is abbreviated as "DP". It is a digital display interface, which is commonly used to link a video source to a display feature-based device, comprises, LED T.V, a computer monitor, projector, etc. In addition, it is capable of transmitting audio, USB, and other additional types of data.

It is designed and created by a conglomerate of personal computers and chip manufacturers and conformed to a standard through standardization by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

DisplayPort Versions

  • On 3rd May 2006, the first version of DisplayPort, 1.0, was officially permitted and launched by VESA.
  • On 2ndApril 2007, Version 1.1 was officially approved and launched.
  • On 11th January 2008, Version 1.1a was officially approved and launched.
  • On 7th January 2010, Version 1.2 of DisplayPort was launched.
  • In January 2013, Version 1.2a of DisplayPort was launched.
  • On 15th September 2014, Version 1.3 of DisplayPort was officially permitted and launched.
  • On 1st March 2016, Version 1.4 of DisplayPort was launched.
  • In the month of April 2018, Version 1.4a of DisplayPort was launched.
  • As of March 2016, Version 2.0 of DisplayPort standard became the first most significant update, which was officially launched on 26th June 2019, by VESA.

Standard DisplayPort Connector Pin Allocation

The pin allocation of standard DisplayPort connector is given in the following points:

  • 12 pins allocated in support of the main link:
    1. The main link comprises four shielded twisted pairs.
    2. Each pair in the shielded twisted pairs has need of 3 pins. (pins 1–12)
  • 3 pins allocated in support of the auxiliary channel (pins 15–17).
  • 1 pin allocated in support of the hot-plug detection pin (pin 18).
  • 2 pins allocated in support of the power 3.3 V and return line (pins 19 and 20).
  • 2 extra pins allocated as ground pins (pins 13 and 14).

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