What is Distributed Computing Environment?

Distributed Computing Environment: Here, we are going to learn about the Distributed Computing Environment, its history, components, etc.
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Distributed Computing Environment

Distributed Computing Environment is an arrangement of software established by the Open Software Foundation (OSF), which makes available a software framework and a toolkit in support of developing client/server applications in distributed computing.

The framework of software comprises:

  • Systems of method of remote procedure call (RPC), which is acknowledged as DCE/RPC.
  • A directory service, which records the names of resources of network to their particular network addresses.
  • A time service
  • An authentication service, to provide a facility of verification of identity of a user.
  • A distributed file system (DFS) acknowledged as DCE/DFS


  • In 1988, Open Software Foundation (OSF), a non-profit organization was founded under the U.S. National Cooperative Research and Production Act (NCRPA). It is an association of a variety of corporations such as IBM, Siemens Nixdorf, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hp/Apollo etc.
  • In the beginning of 1990s, Distributed Computing Environment, an arrangement of software was established by Open Software Foundation (OSF).
  • At present, Microsoft's DCOM and ODBC systems are one of the highly essential uses of DCE, which use DCE/RPC in the form of their network transport layer.
  • Encina, which was in the beginning designed and created by Transarc , was one of the most significant executions of DCE.


Most significant components of DCE included by each and every cell comprise:

  • Security Server (SS)
  • Cell Directory Server (CDS)
  • Distributed Time Server (DTS)

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