What is Digital Video Express (DIVX)?

Digital Video Express (DIVX): Here, we are going to learn about the Digital Video Express, history, Disapproval of DIVX, benefits, Shortcomings, etc.
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DIVX: Digital Video Express

DIVX is an abbreviation of "Digital Video Express". It is a halted digital video configuration, which is started with the purpose to form a substitute for the retail business of video rental in the United States but turned out to be ineffective and failed.

DIVX History

  • In the second week of September 1997, DIVX was launched.
    Beginning on 8th June 1998, the first opening assessment of the DIVX format was extending in the regions of San Francisco, California, and Virginia, subsequent to numerous setbacks.
  • In the middle of 1998, DIVX players began to turn out to be accessible, which were created and produced by Zenith Electronics, Thomson Consumer Electronics, and Matsushita Electric (Panasonic).
  • In these DIVX players, there was an additional feature of a security IC chip that has power over the process of encoding/decoding of the digital content, which made them different in comparison to the standard DVD players.
  • On June 16, 1999, the configured arrangement of DIVX was halted, because of its high expense launch and in addition, also its extremely limited approval by the common public and traders.

Disapproval of DIVX

  • A campaign on the Internet, just about instantly subsequent to the launch of the DIVX configured arrangement was started in opposition to it, mainly in home theater forums.

DIVX Benefits

  • The size of the file of DIVX was very small.
  • Its quality was a lot better in contrast to its size.
  • It was extensively supported.


  • In comparison to the Xvid configuration, its quality may possibly be not as good as it expected.
  • In comparison to DVD/SVCD files, it's quality not that good.

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