What is Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)?

Digital Loop Carrier (DLC): Here, we are going to learn about the Digital Loop Carrier, its installation, categories, advantages, etc.
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DLC: Digital Loop Carrier

DLC is an abbreviation of "Digital Loop Carrier". It is a technological arrangement, which by means of simply a twisted pair of copper wires through the digital transmission, pulls out and expands the range of the local loop beyond the feasible range.


  • In new areas or buildings, the installations of DLC remote terminals are applied.
  • The purpose of the installations of DLC remote terminals in new areas or buildings is to diminish the efforts of manual laboring and complication in the process of installing separate independent local loops from the place of the customer to the central office (CO).


DLC is classified into two categories:

  • Universal digital loop carrier (UDLC): The UDLC is a technological arrangement that includes the RDTs and the central office terminals (COTs).
  • Integrated digital loop carrier (IDLC): IDLC is particularly a digital line interface that has been designed again to put together inside a switch and contributes to the configuration of the internal bus of the switch.


Some of the advantages of DLC carrier system comprise:

  • DLC carrier system performs useful low-cost transmission.
  • By the utilization of present accessible distribution cabling systems, the DLC system put forward enhanced effectiveness.
  • In case of the services of the customer, the system is capable of to quickly insert, remove, or modify, devoid of comprising to send off an installation technician.
  • Furthermore, the DLC system put forward the facility to pull out and expand the range of local loops from the central office to the place of the customer.

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