What is Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)?

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA): Here, we are going to learn about the Digital Living Network Alliance, what digital media server does, can DLNA work for wire or wireless medium, etc.
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DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance

DLNA is the short form of "Digital Living Network Alliance", which is a Collaborative Non-Profit Trade Organization founded in the month of June in the year 2003 by Sony Corporation. It has membership with 200 companies with more than 9,000 DLNA devices and its headquarters are in Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States. It is a trade association type of business that promotes and develops different forms of interoperability guidelines that are used in order to share the digital media among different devices.

Different devices that use the DLNA, use Universal Plug and Play (or UPnP), in order to share the media.

What Digital Media Server does?

With the help of Digital Media Server, the sharing of data at home or any favorable place become easy such as if you want to share movies, pictures, audio, or video, these all are given access through DLNA devices.

Can DLNA work for wire or wireless medium?

Yes, in both wired and wireless medium, the data can be shared using DLNA, only if DLNA is supported by them.

If you want to see different photos, audio, or video over your TV you can use the DLNA server and it will let you play all the respective media on your TV.

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