What is Digital Linear Tape (DLT)?

Digital Linear Tape (DLT): Here, we are going to learn about the Digital Linear Tape, what is the work of DLT, how it helps in storing the data, what is SDLT, etc.
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DLT: Digital Linear Tape

DLT is the short form of "Digital Linear Tape", which is a magnetic tape technology used for the data storage developed by Digital Equipment Corporation in the year 1984. They further sold the technology to Quantum Corporation.

What is the work of DLT?

It helps in storing and archiving the computer data while backing up the data in tape drives.

How it helps in storing the data?

It increases the speed and capacity of the disks and drives and thus helps in the storage and archiving of data.

What is SDLT?

SDLT is the short form of Super Digital Linear Tape which is an enhanced version of DLT, which is a variant that provides more capacity, up to 300 GB storage. It was launched in the market in the year 2001.

What is the storage capacity of DLT?

DLT has a storage capacity of 10 GB to 40 GB. It has the speed of 60 MBps with the speed of which it can transfer data and it has the WORM capability, i.e, Write Once Read Many capabilities.

Interfaces used in DLT –

  • Proprietary
  • SCSI
  • Fast SCSI-2
  • Ultra2-wide SCSI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Serial-attached storage

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