What is Downloadable Content?

Downloadable Content: Here, we are going to learn about the Downloadable Content, its history, advantages and disadvantages.
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Downloadable Content

Downloadable content is extra content for a previously launched video game, which allows its publisher to add further profits into the outcome from a title once it has been launched and sold out. The process of distribution of the game is done by its publisher on the internet, which most of the time happened by the use of a number of variety of microtransaction system.


  • The downloadable contents, which at the beginning as an initial form offered were complete packed games.
  • In 1997, Cavedog Entertainment, a label, made available in favor of their real-time strategy computer-based video game "Total Annihilation", the latest piece each and every month as free downloadable content.
  • At the ending of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s, Nokia phones delivered in the company of side-scrolling shooter Space Impact, which made available on varieties of models of Nokia.
  • In 2000, through the launch of WAP, extra downloadable content, which was designed in support of the game, with additional features such as different stages, turned out to be available for every game user.


  • DLC augments the prolonged existence of a game as the gamer gets additional gameplay.
  • Many times leading gaming companies provide giveaways associated with DLC.


  • DLC is costly.
  • To acquire DLC, gamers, who come in the category of youth, make enormous pressure on their parents because they get easily directed by smart marketing tactics.

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