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What is the full form of FAX?

Full form of FAX: Here, we are going to learn what does FAX stands for? FAX – which is an abbreviation of "Facsimile: in Gadget Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 18, 2020

FAX: Facsimile

FAX is an abbreviation of "Facsimile".

It is commonly written and spoken as FAX. It is a telephonic transmission of a scanned copy of text and images printed on a paper, sent from one person to another through a telephone line. The device which is used to send original or duplicate scanned documents by electronic means over a telephone network is called a fax machine. The fax machine processes the contents of text or images as a single fixed graphic image, convert it into a bitmap, and then transfer it through the telephone system in the structure of audio-frequency tones. The fax machine at the receiving end deduces the tones, restructures the image and prints a paper copy.

FAX full form

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Working of FAX

  • FAX machine is an arrangement of scanner and printer completely.
  • First Scanner scans the page and converts it into a fixed graphic image and then bitmap and transmits it through a telephone line.
  • If a person wants to send a document through the fax machine, he should have to insert a paper into the Fax machine, then the machine will store the copy of the document and converts it into the fixed graphic image and then the machine will transfer it through a telephone line at the receiving end.

FAX History

  • In 1842, fax technology was invented by Alexander Bain. He was the first person who turned out to be capable to transfer image/text through signals from the telephone line.
  • Afterward, Frederick Bakewell enhanced Bain's invention and formed the first image telegraph which is the same as today's fax machine.

In the 21st century, the fax technology was turn out to be out-of-date when the newer technology named "email" comes into existence.

Why email is preferred over FAX?

  • The quality of data sent over the internet is enhanced and better than Fax.
  • Sending data over the internet is inexpensive than sending it over Fax.
  • No requirement of any additional hardware for sending data over the internet nothing like Fax.
  • It can transmit data quicker and simpler than the FAX machine which saves a person's time and effort.
  • The fax machine may experience paper jams which can spoil the original document.
  • A person can send the data to various people in one click by using the CC or BCC email fields.
  • A person can offer supplementary information by attaching images, videos, files, etc.


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